"Virtue is God"

“Virtue is God” is a philosophical writing of Abdul Ghaffar Janbah. In this book, structured in three topics: the Essence of Virtue, Virtue is Knowledge and Virtue is God, he proves in perfection that “Virtue is God” The author says that Muslims and Muslim thinkers have studied the Holy Quran in the light of Greek Philosophy although the Holy Quran is a great and complete Divine book and every sort of welfare is founded in it. Therefore it had been necessary that we would have studied Greek and all other sorts of philosophies in the light of Holy Quran and would have chosen pearls of Knowledge and Wisdom out of It. The author discusses different kinds of philosophies, different schools of thought and their concerns. Moreover he replies the most subtle and difficult question “What is Virtue?” In this regard he provides opinions of some ancient and non-Muslim philosophers. He discusses them in his own style and proves that Virtue is an “All Comprehending Light’, Infinite and Allah. What the author discusses and how he proves that “Virtue is God”, is very excellent…” (Nazir Haqq, Daily Newspaper. Pakistan. (Urdu), Sunday Magazine “Zandgi”, 22nd August to 28th August 2004)